Frequently Asked Questions

What is CookiesSpace?

CookiesSpace is a technology solution for providing fast computers at a fraction of the cost. It uses remote desktop technology to connect to your computer on the cloud. All you need to remember is the username and the password of your computer. You can connect simply by clicking the link provided to you on your favourite browser or type the name provided to you on the windows remote desktop client that is pre built in most windows desktop/laptops.

Should I be technologically savvy to use CookiesSpace?

No, absolutely not. All you need to do is to click on a link or search for the RDP app on your computer and type your username and password. Click, connect and start working on your desktop from literally anywhere with internet connectivity.

What happens to my data in case of a sudden power failure or internet disconnection?

Your data is safe on the cloud. Unlike traditional computers, you can start from where you left off when you get the connectivity back. You don’t have to panic anymore if you had failed to click save every five minutes just to keep your hard work safe, as your computer is always switched on.

How much should I pay for Microsoft license/MS office license?

Nothing. It's absolutely free with the CookiesSpace license. You do not have to pay any licensing fee unless you want us to install any third party software for your specific needs.

Can I use third party software for my projects and my personal lab?

Yes, you can if you choose our premium package with administrative rights.